Into to Git Kraken

This week we’ll be exploring (briefly) Git Kraken - which I think is a nice alternative for the GitHub desktop client - it even works with GitHub too! but one of my favourite things about it - it’s cross platform :wink: (that means it works with Windows :computer:, MacOS :apple: and even Linux :penguin: p.s. i hope these icons work in gh-pages)

Forking a Repo [repository]

Go to the code club repository and click the fork button to fork a copy of the repo into your own repositories. forking a repo

Once you’ve done this go to your fork (normally /codeclub) and click the clone or download button (2) ![downloading your fork](

Depending on if you’ve logged in to git hub in the GitKraken client you can either use the button above (if you haven’t logged in) or just go to the clone option in GitKraken

GitKraken screen clone a repo

Click the option and then pick where you want to clone to notice how the codeclub repo has a little symbol next to it indicating it’s a fork (4)

GitKraken screen 2

and that’s basically it for forking a repo