Making Python Calculator

Happy new year! - we’re going to dive right in with writing out own calculator

Below is an example Calculator

I’ve saved the file name as (as mentioned in the previous post we’ll be using the Atom) you’ll need to clone the code club repo if you don’t know how to clone a repo there was a previous post covering this if you need to get started…back to Python:

class Calculator:

    def Add (x, y):
        return x + y

    def Subtract (x, y):
        return x - y

    def Multiply (x, y):
        return x * y

    def Divide (x, y):
        return x / y

    def Modulo (x):
        return x % y

    def Factorial(x):
      retval = x
      x = x-1
      while x > 0:
        retval = retval * x
        x = x-1
      return retval

    menu_options = {
     1: Add,
     2: Subtract,
     3: Multiply,
     4: Divide,
     5: Modulo,
     6: Factorial,

    def Menu(self):
        print('1) Add \n2) Subract\n3) Multiply \n4) Divide\n5) Modulo\n6) Factorial')
        choice = input("Select option:")
        x = float(input("enter first number:"))
        if choice != 6:
          y = float(input("enter second number:"))
          func = self.menu_options.get(choice)
          return func(x, y)
          func = self.menu_options.get(choice)
          return func(x)

while True:
    calc = Calculator()

So the next thing we’re going to do is introduce a Modulo function

  result = 88 % 60

one thing you may notice about the code above is that there is no error trapping which is a problem if you enter anything but numbers in the number prompt… adding error trapping will be out second task

hopefully this will be enough to tide you over … if not try adding factorial ;-)

   def Factorial(p):
     retval = p
     p = p-1
     while p > 0:
       retval = retval * p
       p = p-1
     return retval