Getting started with Python

Without going into too much detail, Python is quite a good language for people wanting to learn how to program it’s fairly similar to english in the way that you can “see” what things do for example len("Hello World!") will return the length of a string it’s given as a parameter - but I digress…

Python can be downloaded from the Python website, we’re going to be using Atom as our text editor but you can use anything you’re comfortable with we’re also going to be using Python 3 not 2 (an argument we won’t get into as to which is better).

Much like Ruby, Python is softly typed meaning that the variable infer their type from assignment - in plain english when you store a value in a variable in Python, it becomes that type e.g. stringVariable = "string" will make stringVariable a string but if you were to subsequently do something like stringVariable = 0 it will them become an integer rather than re-invent the wheel and/or make a hash of introducing you to Python I’ll point you at CodeCademy and suggest that you have a look at their Python course - they’ve got a ton of courses but for Code Club we’re only interested in the Python course.

Once you’ve completed the Python course on CodeCademy you’ll be ready to go! there are some useful guides for how best to format your code and best practices that you should also check out and if you’re feeling really brave why not try out some of the code katas at CodeWars and don’t worry that I only mentioned where to download python and atom - that’s for next week ;-)